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Taps'N'Toilets Pty Ltd is a plumbing franchise business focused on the simple, yet relatively unexplored niche market of household plumbing & maintenance.


In early 1997, some health problems prompted me to cut back on the types of jobs I would take on. I knew I had to stay active (a sure way to stave off the retirement blues), but put simply, I had to cut out anything involving pick & shovel, and jobs involving anything higher than a stepladder. The result was a more consistent, less physically demanding workload, and more importantly, a much healthier bank balance. The results surprised everyone involved, and we knew we had positioned ourselves in a crucial niche in the plumbing industry: household maintenance - bread & butter.

It wasn't long before we realised this model of plumbing business had potential for serious, sustainable growth.

Why the Taps'N'Toilets franchise concept works

(i) Water.

A recent survey asked what issues were constantly on people's minds. Water supply & conservation came in at #2 on that list. Without scaremongering, Australia's water problems are not going to go away. No doubt, we'll see a series of storms top our dams up over the coming months, and everyone will stop talking about droughts and restrictions - at least until they realise that the cost of water isn't going to drop as dam levels rise. A leaking tap 20 years ago was to many people "an incessant bloody annoying sound". Today, people look at a leaking tap and the first thing they think is "that's going to cost me fortune if I don't get it fixed". In line with Australia's new water efficiency and labelling standards (WELS) scheme, Taps'N'Toilets is positioned to be a key player in this aspect of the plumbing industry.

(ii) Suits plumbers of all ages.

Also, consider that Australia is experiencing a skills shortage in trade professions, and our governments are now asking us to work until we're 75. When you get to my age, you either retire, or move into a job less taxing on the body. Short of finding a foreman type role, staying in the plumbing industry just hasn't been an option - until now. Taps'N'Toilets is the perfect vehicle for mature age plumbers wanting to stay in the game. Whether you stay on the tools, or you employ another plumber (or an apprentice) to get under the sink, while you run the back office, a Taps'N'Toilets business is an ideal solution. Of course it suits plumbers of all ages, not just mature age plumbers. And best of all, for Taps'N'Toilets plumbers, there's No Ladders, Ditches Or Heavy Lifting!

(iii) A stable customer base

As with most trades, plumbing is fairly future-proof as an industry. It's not likely that some miraculous piece of technology is going to come along and wipe out our industry, like digital cameras did to the traditional photo-processing industry. Most important of all, our business model does not expose you to the ups & downs of the housing market!

(iv) great business name and fantastic market recognition

Name recognition, thats what its all about these days. If your customers can't remember your name, then the guy with the most "A"'s in front of his business name in the yellow pages will end up with your business. The Taps'N'Toilets trading name has fantastic name recall qualities. Couple that with the most distinctive logo on the market, and you've got great marketability!

Couple the above points with the keys for any successful franchise business:

  • Low overheads,
  • low franchise costs &
  • great service at affordable rates!

A few things to consider:
  • Plumbing has traditionally taken a heavy toll on the plumber's physical well-being. The 50 year old plumber is an endangered species and is rarely seen.
  • As Australia's population ages, we're all being asked to work longer before retiring.
  • As much as recent rains will temporarily shelve discussion about it, water conservation is of ever-increasing importance, which will only escalate in the future.
  • As long as people live in houses, there'll always be a need for residential plumbing & maintenance.
  • The plumbing industry is inextricably tied to the building industry, which has a marked impact on the ebb & flow of most plumbers' businesses - except those who focus on household maintenance!


Franchise areas are available NOW for plumbers in most areas of all states. Trade qualifications are not required to run the franchise, however you will need to employ a qualified tradesperson to perform most plumbing work, as per legislation in your state.

We are also offering Master Franchise agreements for all regions. You could control all Taps'N'Toilets opportunities in your region!

Becoming A Taps'N'Toilets Franchisee

We invite plumbers of all ages to take a few moments to think seriously about what Taps'N Toilets can do for them. Our business model is ideally geared not only for mature-age plumbers, but plumbers of all ages, prepared to look outside the box we plumbers normally confine ourselves to.

For those interested, but not sure, we'd gladly host you with one of our existing team members for (example) a week or so (on wages, as an employee), so you can get a good feel for how the business runs. Our plumbers have decades of experience, and know the industry back-to-front.

For more information, please take some time to check out the rest of this website. Once you've done that, give us a call on 0412 437774 (mobile) or 1800 801 617 (FreeCall) to discuss any queries you might have.

As Easy As 1-2-3. We have an orienteering package specifically for potential and new franchisees. This includes information for setting up your franchise (or integrating it into your own business), material to help with your financing, and other useful guides.