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Opportunities For Investors

Operator Licenses

Standard Operator licenses are available to individuals seeking to start their own franchises in a standard area. Not a plumber? Employ your own plumber (although a handyman can change a tapwasher, most states do require that any plumbing works PAID for, must be done by a licenced plumber). Boiled down to its core elements, plumbing is just like any other service. You provide the service, the customer pays you for your time. Your plumbers can always impart their knowledge of the industry to you to help you get a grasp on things.

Master Agreements

To develop Taps'N'Toilets throughout Australia, we are offering Master Agreements in each region. You could control all Taps'N'Toilets business in your region! Master Agreement license costs are negotiable, as we are keen to ensure Master Agreements are made with the right partner(s).

Taps'N'Toilets is based in Queensland, but we're looking for partners to introduce Taps'N'Toilets nationwide.